Visions In Art (Where Design is Inspired) is located in North San Diego County and we have served clients throughout Southern California for over 30 years.

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Visions-in-Art-Custom-Framing-cjWe offer our clients a one-on-one personal design service in the “art of framing.”  This is determined by discussing placement of art, colors surrounding the area, style and even the amount of sunlight in that given area.

We pride ourselves in carrying a wide range of frame styles from Contemporary to Periods, African, Western, as well as metal, plexi boxes, plexi sandwiches or canvas stretches (museum or gallery wrapped). We carry a vast array of moulding styles and designs in all shapes and sizes to enhance your home or office.

Visions-in-Art-Custom-Framing-jAll types of glass and plexi are available depending on the size and location in which the art will be hung. We carry custom sized plexi boxes for your memorabilia. 

Visions In Art is concerned about the preservation of your valued treasures and will advise of the level of protection needed.

We enjoy framing your stitcheries, photos, posters and mirrors.  We also provide custom-sized mirrors for your specific requirements.  If your glass has broken we would be happy to replace the glass in your existing frame.  If you need new mats we can accommodate you in that way.

We provide art and framing for large corporations and residences.  However, no job is too small.

We also carry a wide variety of ready-made frames in standard sizes to accommodate your immediate needs. These frames are very unique and moderately priced.



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